Be What You Want To Be

October 4, 2016 admin 0

Must of us are all to familiar with the expression “It is what it is”, in fact I recently saw this expression tattooed on the forearm of a young lady in popular South Lake Union […]

Jump Back When You Are Down

May 3, 2016 admin 0

Failing and setbacks are only a temporary state; however, the thought of getting back up after a failure or setback may seem extremely daunting. You must find a way to motivate yourself to get going […]

How To Shake That Slump

April 30, 2016 admin 0

All of us go through slumps in our lives. If someone tells you they never have any downs in their life, then we would know that they are not being truthful. It is okay to […]

Breaking The Daily Cycle

February 6, 2016 admin 0

Do you move through life feeling everyday is the same? Like some repeated pattern that goes on and on? For some people, there’s nothing new to do under the sun, and nowhere to go. Everything […]

The Voice of I CAN

January 15, 2016 admin 0

Living our daily lives can be as easy as taking a breath of air or as hard as climbing to a mountain summit. Everywhere we go, we encounter things that can bring us down or […]

5 Ideas To Get Your Life On Track

December 4, 2015 admin 0

Motivation is a key force behind any life change. Motivation comes from the clarity of  knowing exactly what you want out of life and having an unwavering, burning desire to do what’s necessary to achieve your dreams. Motivation keeps your dreams on course […]