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Every June 6th on Dennis’s birthday, it seems to occur to him that we are already halfway between Christmas and, well, next Christmas. In fact, if the calendar were a circle, we would be staring directly across into Christmas Day itself.

While some of you might be thinking is this post one of those Xmas in July in June post!   No, I  am not going there with this post, but I do wonder who was the first to come up with the whole Xmas in July angle, but I digress.    So why is his  observation or reflection relevant?   It is relevant because it provides a great segue into the best Christmas business movie ever, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Yes, I said business movie, and here’s why: In the movie Jimmy Stewart is George Bailey, on the brink of ruin – bankruptcy, scandal and possibly prison.

It’s only when a fledgling angel reminds him of his family and friends and all the difference he’s made in the world that George is able to see a way out. And that’s when his friends and family come to his rescue in true Hollywood fashion, and all ends well.

Which begs the question: Have you built your own “town” of customers who love you and what you do? If you were suddenly in need of help, could you send out an email and get the response you seek? It all depends on one thing: Have you been focusing on making money, or have you sought to help others? George Bailey gave generously of himself to everyone in the town, and when he needed help they were overjoyed to have an opportunity to pay back his kindness.

Doing business simply to make money works in the short term, but it doesn’t create loyal fans that will leap at the chance to buy your next product or help you when you’re in need. Strive to emulate George Bailey, to do what’s honest, right and fair every time, and to help others with little thought of what you might get in return. That’s how you truly become the “richest man in town.”

Although I really enjoying writing books as the long form content really allows me to dig into a topic, the process is quite long and at times a bit tedious.   With my blog, I get to express ideas in a shorter easier to digest format.   I can  focus on a couple of key points and not get too caught up in style and structure and get real-time feedback. I love being an writer and I love being an entrepreneur and I love being a part of this community.  Thank you for taking the time to spend time with me here, I greatly appreciate you!

Here is to Turning Your Mess Into Your Success.

Karen Stemmle

The Rest of the story directly from Dennis

Karen started out this post talking about my birthday and the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Yes, I am truly blessed and I firmly believe it is a wonderful life, but she only told you a small part of my thinking each June 6th.

 You may recall a much more significant event occurred on June 6th “D-Day” the Normandy landings (codenamed Operation Neptune) occurred June 6, 1944.   Allied casualties were at least 10,000, with 4,414 confirmed dead. Those men died fighting for our freedom and a way of life we often take for granite.

 I reflect on their sacrifices and the thousands of others who made sacrifices so we have the ability to complain about the traffic, the weather, the government, or whatever else we want to gripe about in the moment.  

 I remind myself how blessed we are that these great men and the countless families that sacrificed and laid it all on the line for us.  I remind myself that I owe it to all those who have gone before me to create this wonderful country – to get off the couch and go make a difference – Go be the very best I can be.  

What should your next step be?   I truly hope it is to make a decision to honor all those who have gone before us and strive to be the best YOU – You Can Be!

Here’s to The Power of Setbacks!