How To Shake That Slump

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All of us go through slumps in our lives. If someone tells you they never have any downs in their life, then we would know that they are not being truthful. It is okay to have downs in life. But what is not okay is if we stay in that slump and worse, if we do not do anything about it.
I can almost hear you say that it is easier said than done. Yes. That is correct with a small variation. It is easier done than said. Let us see how that is possible.

First and the foremost we must check our attitude. If we always keep a positive attitude then we are way ahead of the curve. The right attitude is the fuel and the catalyst for self-motivation. We can always control and direct our attitude towards positive things even when the circumstances around us cannot be controlled by us.

Once we gain a positive attitude, we can start doing things to boost our confidence. Lack of confidence has the potential to make the slump even worse. This comes when we don’t appreciate what we have and always think of what we want and why we cannot get it. This becomes a spiral and finally we land in a pit.

Instead if we try concentrating on our blessings, goals that we have achieved and the strengths that we have gained in the past, we can boost our confidence to face the present.

Now that we have the right attitude and we have gained our confidence, the next thing would be to have a set of achievable goals. It is very important to set ourselves achievable goals that can be measured by tangible results.

We don’t want to set a goal that says “I will become the president of my country in the next 3 months” knowing full well that this goal it is not possible. Once we have attainable goals, then we can define the actions to execute, to get through with the goals.

Now we have some goals in our lives. We know what we need to do in the next 3 or 6 months. Our brain starts tuning itself toward these goals and starts naturally planning a course of action. In short, it becomes active in a positive way.

We were in a slump a while ago, Then we regained our confidence and now we have a goal and a set of actions to achieve that goal. That is quite a progress. Is it not? We have gained momentum from nothing. Now we need to sustain that momentum so that we can continue to be self-motivated and out of that slump forever.

What once seemed like an impossible funk to shake, is now no more. After we recognize what simple steps we can take to sustain the motivated state of mind that we are in we will get stuck less often and rebound quicker.

You should always keep learning and focusing on staying positive, stop thinking and act more, track your progress so that you will know where you stand, know when to put that extra effort and when to relax and above all, help others, as that would give us immense satisfaction which would in turn motivate us to stay motivated!