The Voice of I CAN

Myrtle Beach Marketing Agency

words-have-powerLiving our daily lives can be as easy as taking a breath of air or as hard as climbing to a mountain summit.

Everywhere we go, we encounter things that can bring us down or lift us up. Even our own family can fill us up with anger or fill us with joy and happiness. Regardless of our age, we always need someone or something to help us get through a difficult day or time in our lives.

In life you will find there are two voices vying for your attention, the voice of can and the voice of can’t.  You will hear a voice saying your problem is to big, you can’t win, you never will succeed, just give up trying, you will be tempted to quit, tempted to worry, tempted to be negative, tempted to complain, but if you pause, take a deep breath, and listen for another voice… You will hear the voice of I can, a voice saying there is a way, success is coming? relief is coming, breakthroughs are coming.

One voice is telling you it is too late, you won’t go any further, you don’t have what it takes; the other voice, the voice of I can, is saying you have what it takes, your best is good enough, your biggest success lie ahead!

Now I am going to let you in on a secret… You get to choice which voice to listen to, which voice will come to life, which voice will lead your life!

The way you think, the way you verbalize those voices and thoughts, you control the voice that comes to life.   Choose the voice of I CAN!  Even when the voice of I can’t is ringing louder…. you have to dig deep inside and choose the voice of I CAN!

What Mountain is in front of you?   What challenges are you facing?  Get in the right frame of mind! Don’t use your words to describe your situation, use your words to change your situation!