You Are What You Think!

Are you constantly bombarded by thoughts of negativity? Plagued by feelings of insecurity? Do you see everything with a negative lens? The reason for this lies deep within your heart. You are what you mentally and spiritually eat. If a person drinks alchohol on a daily basis, odds are their body will be affected in some way. They may have liver issues, develop cancer or incur some other type of health problem directly related to the amount of alcohol they have consumed. In the same way, a person who constantly feeds themselves negative thoughts will simply turn into a negative person.

This New Year, is the time to go on a diet. A diet consisting  of positive attitude food. You have to literally stop feeding your mind negative things. Ask yourself is this thought negative or positive? What do negative thoughts look like? Well, they start with can’t rather than can, no as opposed to yes, will and not won’t.

Don’t let your thoughts control you

A great way to gain some perspective is to ask those people who are closest to us. Simple ask: How would you rate my attitude on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being super positive and 1 super negative. Ask people to be totally honest with you. You will benefit from their honesty even if it causes you pain. Ask people what it is that you specifically say that they perceive as negative. Write down what they say and look at the actual words.

Now is the time to be honest with yourself. Those words are a reflection of what is inside you. They are who you are or at least who you are perceived to be. The information you gather will form the foundation for change. It is as simple as making a choice to do so. You must decide to replace the thoughts of negativity with thoughts of positivity. Decide what words you will change the negative words on your paper to. Once you have done this, make an effort to insert these new positive thoughts in your mind. You will begin to notice a positive change taking place in your life. Your family, friends and co-workers will all notice it as well. They may not know what is different about you. But they will know that you are not the same person that you were.

Pay close attention to items  which are causing negativity in your life and strive to reduce and eliminate these influences.   If you obviously can’t replace all the negative in your life, but you can change how you respond to those negative inputs.

You can do it. You can and will have a positive attitude, if you simply take the steps outlined above. You do not have to be what you were in the past. You can be different in the future. The choice is yours. I know you will make a positive one.